A Place to Grow

A Place to Grow
March 6

Read:  Matthew 6:1 - 18

Your Father who sees in secret will reward you openly. – Matthew 6:18

The Bible In One year
Joshua 22 – 24

I’m limited,” you say. You are frustrated by the cramping restrictions of age, illness, a difficult child, or an uncooperative spouse. Perhaps you are housebound or bedridden and feel you have no place to serve.

Your limited place need not limit you. Embrace it as a place to grow. Don’t worry about what people around you may think. God sees what is done “in secret” and He will reward you in due time (Matt. 6:18)

In fact, our restriction are part of God’s plan to mature us – to draw us away from our preoccupation with being seen and heard by others. if we pray, give, or fast to increase other estimation of us, we will miss God’s blessing. If we are concerned about enhancing our reputation, we lose the good that God has promised to give us.

God always rewards hidden spirituality. he hears every private prayer; He recognizes every secret gift; He notes and richly rewards each unseen act of devotion. You will be strengthened, and the Lord will make you all that He want you to be.

The bottom line is this: the things that are done for God’s eyes are the things that matter. So, settle into that secret place where God alone sees and knows. – David Roper.

Jesus has called me to be at my best,
Living for Him when at work or at play;
He knows my heart, and in that I can rest –
Why should I worry what others may say? – Hess

To know that God sees us brings both conviction and comfort

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